Drawing showing CHEMAWARE™ sharing knowledge program

CHEMAWARE™ is the information platform providing knowledge and raising awareness for the responsible and sustainable use of solvents to enable first class industrial surface cleaning.

It comes as no surprise that nearly three quarters of European companies questioned in the ECSA market survey 2008 claimed they have yet to decide on their future industrial surface cleaning needs.

Continuously changing market requirements for industrial surface cleaning and a rigid regulatory framework that sets down specific measures for risk reduction makes choosing the best option a daunting task.

And this is where CHEMAWARE™ comes into the picture, providing answers to open questions about best practices for high quality industrial surface cleaning. This comes as a breath of fresh air for the numerous companies responding to the ECSA survey which requested professional advice and knowledge transfer for their future cleaning requirements.

CHEMAWARE™, a part of our SAFECHEM Material Handling business, is an information platform encouraging the safe and sustainable use of solvents, provides extensive know-how necessary to understand complex cleaning processes and to make a sound decision to satisfy individual needs.

Through continuous market and technology monitoring, CHEMAWARE™ is committed to presenting the best practice solutions for businesses.

 Market requirements for industrial surface cleaning:

  • Industrial high quality cleaning is gaining importance.
  • Optimization of cleaning process is key for productivity.
  • Environmental and social responsibility to protect nature and human health is mandatory.
  • Security on investment is an economic must.
  • Cost consciousness requires a cost effective solution without surprises.
  • The variety of offerings can be confusing and demands clarity.
  • New legislation and regulatory requirements are varied and require professional advice.
  • Consequent Responsible Care® and Product Stewardship demand understanding of the whole closed loop.
  • Complex and customized cleaning technology asks for long-term commitment for technical advice, coaching and training.
  • The know-how of the entire cleaning process is a must to consequently implement Responsible Care® and Product Stewardship.


Taking Advantage of Expert Know-how
The main goal behind CHEMAWARE™ is to support companies in decision-making processes regarding high-quality industrial surface cleaning by providing professional advice.

CHEMAWARE™ offers training, services and consultancy to all solvent users, always keeping a long-term sustainable use in mind without forgetting economic, ecological and social needs.

Professional partners from the entire supply chain support CHEMAWARE™ with their bundled know-how. These include Dow, one of the major producers of solvents with extensive experience and know-how, the leading and responsible chemical distributors, the majority of technology leaders for regulatory-compliant cleaning equipment and a group of leading certified waste management companies.

Regulations and Initiatives Concerning Solvents
The regulatory framework sets clearly defined risk reduction measures. These include:

  • The VOC directive regulates solvent use on a European basis by setting emission standards.
  • The Trichloroethylene Voluntary Industry Commitment asks for the commitment to stop the delivery of Trichloroethylene into open cleaning equipment beyond December 31, 2010.
  • The Responsible Care® program asks for responsible transport, storage, use and take-back of solvents.
  • Under REACH, authorization of substances can only be granted for uses where it can be shown that the risk for human health and the environment can be adequately controlled, or where socio-economic benefits overweight the risk to human health or the environment and no suitable alternatives are available.

®Responsible Care is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council