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Cemastir Lavametalli S.r.l.

Firbimatic SPA

IFP - Industrial Finishing Plants - srl



Union S.p.A.

Cemastir Lavametalli S.r.l. logo

Via C. Bonazzi 2
40013 Castel Maggiore (BO)

Persona di Contatto:
Alberto Tromponi
Phone: +39 51 6256111
Fax: Fax: +39 51 6256604
E-mail: sales@cemastir.it

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Firbimatic SPA logo

Firbimatic SPA
Metal Cleaning Division
Via Turati, 16
40010 Sala Bolognese (Bologna)

Giacomo Natali
Phone: +39 5168 14189
Fax: +39 5168 14604
E-mail: metal-cleaning@firbimatic.it

About Firbimatic SPA

Established in 1971, Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division has decided one decade ago to focus on the manufacture of a broad range of industrial systems, designed to meet the needs of both manufacturing companies and special applications. Perfect standards of cleanliness during the various stages of industrial cycles are today a crucial requirement that modern firms must achieve in view of the growing demand for finished products of impeccable quality. Our systems, in total compliance with the international standards protecting operators and safeguarding the environment, are able to successfully treat both metal and non-metal surfaces including those with especially complex shapes, featuring blind holes or hard-to-access cavities, right up to the microstructure of components made of sintered material.

Our range includes models of varying capacities, with compact dimensions and high hourly production outputs, for washing light and delicate components weighing just a few grams, right up to customised solutions for treating large pieces weighing over a tonne, while always providing constant and regular cleaning standards, whatever the condition and type of contaminants.

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IFP – Industrial Finishing Plants – srl logo

IFP europe Srl
Viale dell'Industria, 11
35013 Cittadella (PD)

Giacomo Sabbadin
Phone: +39 049 5996883
Fax: +39 049 5996884
E-mail: info@ifpsrl.com

About IFP – Industrial Finishing Plants – srl

Established by a team of people with acknowledged, sound expertise in the industrial cleaning sector, IFP has successfully achieved a position of absolute importance in the international context.

The cleaning machines of the KP series use AIII class hydrocarbons ⁄ modified alcohols or chlorinated solvents and thanks to their vacuum–sealed washing cycle to – 999 mbar, their great flexibility of use, the superb equipment as standard and the wide range of available accessories, these machines ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations and the best quality results on the goods treated.

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Via C. Bassi, 1
40015 S.Vincenzo di G. (BO)

Claudio Bonvicini
Phone: +39 051 815154
Fax: +39 051 812697
E-mail: info@ilsa.it


ILSA born in the 1978 and since 1992 manufactures metal cleaning machines. Is present with its own sales and service network in many countries around the world ILSA is specialist from always in the production of Total Vacuum Plants.

Our machines are designed specifically for the use of modified alcohols (or hydrocarbons - A3 class). Remains available our range of machines for chlorinated solvents, but is in the use of DOWCLENE that our construction technology find the best expression.

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Renzacci logo

Via R. Morandi, 13
06012 Città di Castello

Dott. Ing. Gabrio Renzacci
Phone: +39 075 862961
Fax: +39 075 8559020
E-mail: renzacci@renzacci.it


RENZACCI is considered today on a world-basis as the leading company in the sector of cleaning technologies and machinery for the washing at industrial level which is able to give the most wide, complete and innovative solutions in the field of dry-cleaning, washing machines, tumbling driers and machines for sole and metal degreasing.

More than 45 years of history; a presence in 120 countries worldwide; many exclusive patents and innovations to witness flexibility and investments in R&D: These are just some of the most important reasons why we look forward to WELCOME YOU INTO THE WORLD OF RENZACCI.

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Union S.p.A.  logo

Union S.p.A.
via Labriola 4/D
40010 Sala Bolognese (Bologna)

Mauro Cazzola
Phone: +39 5168 14996
Fax: + 39 5168 14660
E-mail: mauro.cazzola@uniondcm.com

About Union S.p.A. ⁄ Degreasing Division

This division manufactures specialized cleaning equipment for the mechanical industry and for the industrial cleaning of technical parts in full compliance with growing requirements in the environmental field.

Union is currently capable of producing a wide range of modern hermetically sealed eco-compatible hi-tech solvent cleaning systems, which are reliable and economic, capable of meeting all cleaning requirements.

The wide range of systems currently produced by Union, either multi-drum or single-drum for larger pieces, are able to resolve all surface cleaning problems, using either chlorinated solvents or alternatives such as DOWCLENE. This enables the correct choice of the system size based on the requirements of the customer in order to obtain both an effective and economically viable cleaning process.

All Union produced systems represent the latest developments in the industrial cleaning field, thanks to their full compliance with the most recent environmental standards.

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