European Single Assessment Document Explained

The European Single Assessment Document (ESAD) was created to provide a voluntary assessment system to evaluate the quality, safety and environmental performance of chemical distributors.

ESAD is a tool for risk management as it encourages the adoption of quality standards and good practices. It contributes to the sustainability of the sector as it enhances the society's confidence in chemical products.

The idea behind ESAD was to create a uniform method of assessment carried out by independent parties using a standard questionnaire. The ESAD assessment questionnaire covers management systems and site operations, and facilities processes. It is divided into four parts, namely:

  • Distributor Standard Activities (Di)
  • Site Assessment (S)
  • Chlorinated Solvents (Cs)
  • Food, Cosmetic and/or Pharma (F)

The part chlorinated solvents was added to ensure the safe and proper application over the entire lifecycle of the product. The awareness of the hazards specific to chlorinated solvents is necessary, especially with regard to their use in non-chemical industries.

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