Double Benefit from Self-regulating Initiative —

Voluntary Industry Commitment on the Supply of Trichloroethylne in Metal Cleaning Applications

Producers of Trichloroethylene have set up an initiative in a self-regulating bid to assure proper risk management and be better prepared for REACH implementation.

The Voluntary Industry Commitment was set up for users consuming less that one metric ton of Trichloroethylene annually in mind as these fall outside the SED legislation parameters.

As of 2010, Trichloroethylene will only be supplied for metal cleaning or degreasing if the user has an enclosed cleaning system and has confirmed that Trichloroethylene will only and exclusively be used in such enclosed cleaning equipment.

Compliance with the best possible Product Stewardship will help ensure a producer's preparedness for REACH. Additionally, it places the producers in a favorable position to obtain authorization for the continued use of Trichloroethylene through adequate risk management.

The Voluntary Industry Commitment was set up by the European producers of Trichloroethylene via the European Chlorinated Solvent Association  (ECSA). The initiative has the support of the European Commission and the European member states.

Please read more:

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Position paper:
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