Importance of Product Stewardship

Ensuring the safe use of products should be paramount in the minds of manufacturers, especially in the case of chemicals - and this is exactly the goal of Product Stewardship.

The aim is for customers to be able to safely receive, handle, use and dispose of a product with minimum risk for human life and the environment.

Product Stewardship assesses all the relevant information on the health and environmental aspects of a product and issues guidelines for users.

It describes how environmental, health and safety responsibilities can be shared between suppliers and distributors so that both can deliver their Responsible Care® commitment along the life-cycle of the product.

Product Stewardship, which applies the Responsible Care® principles for products, covers:

  • Development
  • Provision of product information
  • Packaging, classification and labelling for supply and transport
  • Sales
  • Storage and handling
  • Final product and packaging disposal

More information:

Dow Product Stewardship Manual Chlorinated Solvents (981KB PDF)

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