Ensuring Industry-wide Responsible Care®

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Conceived in Canada in the 1980s, the Responsible Care® ethic is a global voluntary initiative developed by and for the chemical industry. It now covers 90 percent of chemical production globally.

A commitment to constantly improve on health, safety and environmental performance is the basis of the ethic which incorporates a number of leading chemical associations, national and international.

Chemical companies work through associations to meet the Responsible Care® objectives which, by and large, exceed the legislative and regulatory compliance requirements.

Responsible Care® also envisages a more open, transparent attitude with all stakeholders.

The sharing of information and a system of codes to help companies fulfill their commitments, performance indicators and verification procedures, among others, enable the industry to demonstrate progress over the years and to develop policies for further improvement.

Thus, Responsible Care® helps the industry operate safely, profitably and with due care for future generations, bringing real benefits to society by means of their products.

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