Keeping a Watchful Eye

A trouble-free cleaning operation, delivering reliable cleaning results day-by-day under a changing feed of soil and materials requires proper system maintenance.

In general, the maintenance in solvent-cleaning applications is considered much lower than with aqueous-cleaning systems. Nevertheless, every solvent system must be constantly checked and monitored to avoid any possible negative impact which may alter the stability of the solvent, lessen the cleaning results or lead to corrosion of the equipment and goods being cleaned.

Caution must also be taken with regard to acids brought in with the parts and/or produced by oil-decomposition in the cleaning machine as this may lead to process problems and a reduction of process reliability and cleaning quality. This is countered by the use of additives and specific stabilizer and inhibitor packages in solvents. This also means that to maintain standards, the quality of the solvent, in terms of stabilization levels, pH balance and other factors, has to be monitored. Appropriate action has to be taken when these values fall outside the set parameters.

Hydrocarbon solvents cannot be stabilized against acidification and corrosion.

Different special customer services are set-up to ensure proper solvent maintenance.