The Supply & Disposal Closed Loop

Solvent suppliers are required to offer a closed loop supply and take-back business model according to the principles of Product Stewardship and Responsible Care®.

Drawing of a supply and disposal closed loop process

In combination with closed degreasing or cleaning equipment, safety container systems represent Best Available Technology (BAT) for safe transportation and handling of solvents.

Safety systems ensure the safe easy filling and emptying of the cleaning machine, simplifying solvent transfer without risk of air emissions, spillages or leaks.

Additionally, the risk of soil and water contamination is prevented thanks to the double-wall construction of the containers. The safety systems are equipped with a special base, allowing transportation by forklift truck or pallet lifter.

Unauthorized access to the product is also prevented as the containers are equipped with locks which can only be opened using specific accessories.

Finally, the waste management service ensures that the solvent does not remain on premises for more time than needed. This is carried out by the distributor, who handles both fresh and waste material.

®Responsible Care is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council