Innovative Business Models — Achieving a Sustainable Solution

As requirements for precision cleaning increase, the importance of making the right decision for future cleaning technology becomes paramount. This is especially the case in certain industries – such as aerospace, electronics, safety devices, precision engineering, medical engineering and automotive – where high quality cleaning is a must. Making the wrong decision could result in companies landing in non-competitive waters.

Customers need a sustainable solution, balancing economic and environmental needs and keeping their long-term competitiveness while, at the same time, maintaining their social responsibilities. In this complex scenario, customers need support from more than one partner. This can be provided by CHEMAWARE™ – and can be done from a single knowledge platform.

Additionally, CHEMAWARE™ helps provide know-how along the whole cleaning supply chain, from the solvent producer to the service solution provider and including the cleaning equipment producer (OEM), distributor and waste management provider.

CHEMAWARE™ partners share knowledge and provide expertise leading to the best possible solution and enable customers to find their individual customized solution for the most efficient cleaning process.

Sustainability Demands
Avoiding emissions, the safe handling of products and using resources diligently is the best manner in which a company can apply a Cradle to Cradle approach within the Responsible Care® principles.

The Cradle to Cradle approach involves choosing the best individual quality equipment and solvent solution, using solvents in closed loop safety systems, optimizing process parameters via service and stabilization and applying best waste management options.

And the answer to the entire closed loop system is simple – CHEMAWARE™.

Cradle to Cradle


®Responsible Care is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council