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Increased Process Reliability and Extended Life Span

New, easy-to-use test kit MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N for DOWCLENE™ 1601 modified alcohol

Duesseldorf, Germany - November 20, 2012

When metal parts are cleaned, residues of processing media such as oils and emulsion are brought into the cleaning bath. In case modified alcohols and hydrocarbons are used, these residues can increase the acid content of the solvent which can cause corrosion on parts surfaces and at the cleaning machine. SAFECHEM offers with the new test kit MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N an easy-to-use tool to check the quality of the modified alcohol solvent DOWCLENE™ 1601, which is often used in metal cleaning processes. Used on a regular basis the tests not only allow for precise and documentable measurement results, but also increase process reliability and can contribute to an extended life span of the solvent.

As a viable alternative to chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and water based cleaning systems DOWCLENE™ 1601 combines lipophilic and hydrophilic characteristics. Thus, the solvent based on modified alcohols achieves outstanding results in both removing non-polar substances like oils and greases as well as polar contaminations such as emulsion and finger prints. Even in difficult applications, e.g. cleaning lapped parts and sintered metals, the solvent has proved its efficiency. Typical applications are cleaning processes prior to heat treatments, coating, welding, vacuum soldering and bonding. Like in all modified alcohols and hydrocarbons the acid content can increase due to oils and emulsion brought into the cleaning bath with the parts to be cleaned. Linked to that is the risk of corrosion occurring on parts surfaces and at the cleaning machine.


The new MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N Test Kit allows for an easy and quick check on solvent quality of DOWCLENE™ 1601 with precise measurement results. That results in higher process reliability and in some cases in longer life span of the solvent.

Effective Control of Solvent Quality

The risk of corrosion can be reduced by regularly controlling the acid level of the solvent. However, the test methods that were available so far offered orientating results. The new test kit MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N from SAFECHEM Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, closes this gap. Based on extensive experience with DOWCLENE™ 1601 in industrial precision cleaning these tests have been developed in close cooperation with Dow and cleaning equipment manufacturers and are adjusted to the users’ requirements in their daily work.

The MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N Test Kit allows for the first time ever to obtain precise measurement results and quantitative information about the acid content and pH-value of the solvent. The easy-to-use test kit contains three different analysis methods, which can be used in combination or separately. Test 1 is used to check whether the solvent is on the alkaline or acidic side. Test 2 allows for analysis of total acid content in the solvent or the rejected water. With test 3 the pH-value of the solvent or rejected water can be determined.

Optimised Process Management

Due to regular checks changes of solvent quality can be detected immediately, e.g. when new oil or cutting fluids have come into use, and counter measures can be initiated without delay. In case of a necessary correction, the solvent additive MAXIBOOST™ ST-1 can be used as a first step. Additionally the precise measurement results offered by the MAXICHECK™ DCL-1N tests allow to gather and document data of the solvent quality and to detect trends. The continuous and ideal bath monitoring offers not only higher process reliability and in some cases longer life span of the solvent, it also supports quality and process audits.

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