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THE NEW STANDARD – Contributing to the Lifestyle of Your Customers

Today’s consumers have high requirements when it comes to the cleanliness and freshness of their garments. At the same time, legislation enforces stringent regulations to protect both people and the environment. The dry-cleaning of garments is a job for professionals and requires a reliable and cost-efficient cleaning technology.

Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene, PER or PCE) is the benchmark cleaning agent for the dry cleaning of valuable garments. Today, 95% of such valuable garments are labeled with the care label label for cleaning with PER for cleaning with PER.

Within a Service Alliance of leading equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and responsible distributors, we are establishing THE NEW STANDARD, an offering for the safe and sustainable use of PER. THE NEW STANDARD encompasses products and services like the SAFE-TAINER™ system that applies a closed-loop solution based on DOWPER™ Pure Power to manage the well-researched product-specific risks. In addition, newly developed service elements help to extend the solvent’s life-time.

This helps to enable your customers to enjoy their lifestyles and their favourite garments for many years.

SENSENE™ Modified Alcohol - the new solvent from Dow and SAFECHEM for the textile cleaning industry

What would be the ideal solvent for textile cleaning?
In order to answer this question, Dow and SAFECHEM specialists researched and developed, together with industry experts, the suitable formulation over the past three years. SENSENE™ is the new solvent based on modified alcohols from SAFECHEM and Dow, the leading producer of modified alcohols and one of the largest chemical companies worldwide.

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THE NEW STANDARD – A Future-oriented Solution in Dry Cleaning