SENSENE™ Modified Alcohol solvent for dry cleaning
  • Made to delight your senses

An excellent dry cleaning solution based on modified alcohols

Wouldn’t it be great to experience textile cleaning with all your senses? Seeing bright colours, feeling a great touch of the textiles and smelling a clean scent? All while supporting your sense for business and for the environment.



Sense for Beauty


The SENSENE™ dry cleaning solvent has a very high solvency power and reliably removes a variety of stains on different fabrics. It is designed to prevent discolouring and keeps the bright colours of the dry cleaned textiles.

Sense for Nature


SENSENE™ is based on a modified alcohol formulation which is inherently biodegradable, not expected to accumulate in the food chain and has a low aquatic toxicity, and therefore an environmentally responsible way of dry cleaning.

Sense for Touch


SENSENE™ is very gentle to the dry cleaned fabrics and causes relatively low wrinkling which makes ironing easier. This provides SENSENE™ cleaned textiles with a great touch.

Sense for business


SENSENE™ realizes an easy and smart textile cleaning process: textiles dry faster and the machine cycle times are shorter. In addition, the dry cleaning process needs less energy due to a good distillation behavior, pre-spotting can be reduced and the finishing is easier as the fabrics wrinkle less. All this saves you time and costs.

Sense for Scent


SENSENE™ leaves nothing but a pleasant, clean smell on the dry cleaned textiles. The stable modified alcohol formulation keeps even your cleaning machine clean by minimizing bacteria accumulation and the development of an unpleasant smell.


SENSENE™ can be used in regular multi-solvent or hydrocarbon textile cleaning machines, often referred to machines complying with class A III solvents. Please consult your dry cleaning machine manufacturer if your machine type has been certified for SENSENE™ Modified Alcohol.


Like many other dry cleaning solvents, SENSENE™ is not yet part of the Care Labelling Standard ISO 3758. Tests have shown that the new sensational textile cleaning solvent can comply with the two established dry cleaning processes:

P normal dry cleaning process without any restrictions

F gentle dry cleaning process for delicate garments including restrictions for example on temperature and mechanics

General recommendations on textile cleaning machine procedures for professional dry cleaning with SENSENE™ Modified Alcohol are available.

For more information, please contact us or download the SENSENE™ Modified Alcohol information folder.