Clean hotel uniform and drapes

  • Developed
    to Outperform

Outstanding Cleaning Results Depend on the Quality and Care of the Solvent

To support outstanding cleanliness and freshness for your customers in a sustainable and efficient way, we offer a variety of services. This includes advice and guidance from specialists, a system for professional solvent management, and waste management services.

Service Elements Developed to Outperform

Modern cleaning technology allows longer solvent use and almost no solvent loss. However, the sustained use of the solvent leads to decreasing stability, quality loss, bad odour development and corrosion of the equipment due to the contaminations brought into the system by dirty garments.

We developed unique service elements for constant and even better cleaning results and for preventing damage to your equipment or garments. These service elements include:

  • Regular solvent maintenance with the MAXICHECK™ Pure Power Test Kit
  • Re-stabilisation with the MAXISTAB™ Pure Power Stabiliser Concentrate
  • Tracking of the test results and re-stabilisation activities in the MAXICHECK™ Pure Power Logbook

Your Benefits

  • Constant and even better cleaning results
  • Prevention of odour from external contaminants
  • Protection against cleaning machine corrosion

Apply now! The first 50 applicants get the new MAXICHECK™ Pure Power Test Kit and the new MAXISTAB™ Pure Power Stabiliser Concentrate for free*! Contact us.

*If you are amongst the first applicants, you will receive the MAXICHECK™ Pure Power Test Kit with one litre MAXISTAB™ Pure Power Stabiliser concentrate free of charge with the condition to share your experiences during the first two months of usage.

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